about uns*

uns* is an exclusively lgbtqia+ talent agency that celebrates the vast diversity of the community and advocates for the representation of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, bodies, and backgrounds across all areas of fashion and media.

mission statement

why we are here

we are deeply unsatisfied by the lack of racial, gender, and body diversity in fashion and media. we reject the damaging and outdated standards of thinness, whiteness, able-bodiedness, wealth and the gender binary that mainstream corporations push onto their consumers - we strive to be a pioneering front in the revolution to transform the industries into an inclusive space free of racism, queerphobia, transphobia, intersexphobia, body-shaming, classism and ableism. together with forward thinking companies and partners, we contribute to the liberation from harmful traditional standards of beauty by aiding under-represented folx to enter industries and instigate positive change from the inside.

founded by queer non-binary british photographer, cora hamilton (they/them), and queer non-binary german-polish model max weiland (they/he), uns* was conceptualised out of frustration with a lack of specialised management of lgbtqia+ talent, and subsequently the poor representation of the community in in advertising, runway shows, campaigns, and more.

we are a tight-knit team of models and creatives who share a common goal of transforming fashion and media into spaces for every body. uns* safeguards talent from exploitation by acting as the middle-person, and conducting research into the brands and companies that we work with. we do everything in our power to make sure that we send our talent into safe and fair work environments.

we are self-made, revolutionary, and driven by the need for change. we represent our community all over the world, and that is a responsibility that each and every one of us takes seriously.
together we share a vision of transforming representation in fashion and media into what it can and should be.

uns* offers a variety of services and packages. this includes but is not limited to

  • model bookings + castings
  • campaign + shoot packages
  • photographers + videographers
  • stylists, makeup artists, nail artists + art direction
  • inclusivity + diversity advisory services/packages

to enquire about how we can work together, please fill out the booking request form and send us an email to booking@wirsinduns.com. we look forward to hearing from you

cora hamilton


is a queer non-binary photographer from london, uk. their idea for an exclusively lgbtqia+ agency was a dream reserved for the future, but after meeting co-founder max and connecting over shared experiences, it became clear that the time to do it was now. cora studied as a vocalist and has a degree in popular music from goldsmiths, university of london. they moved to berlin as a freelance photographer and worked with publications such as taz, siegesäule, i heart berlin, and der stern to cover protests and demonstrations regarding a variety of issues affecting lgbtqia+ folx across the world. as well as photography, cora also has a keen interest in fashion, art direction, graphic design and social media. as well as being co-founder and creative director of uns*, they are also a handpoke tattooer working at a queer studio in neukölln.

max weiland


coming from an artistic and performance background, max weiland (they/he) discovered modelling in their mid-20s, which lead to a vast exploration of their own gender and body. unfortunately, they experienced the fashion and media landscape as an unfriendly place for people who do not correspond to the binary and normative ideal of beauty. with uns*, they want to create safe and fair working conditions for lgbtqia+ talent. max studied art history and italian language in bamberg, art and image history in berlin, and worked in the field of project management, event organisation and curation at various cultural institutions. they also give lectures and write essays for various publications on the topic of gender and art, and have advised on the topic of gender inclusive language; most recently for the berlinische galerie and the hans-böckler-stiftung.

selected clients, productions and partners

androwear, figure.s, h&m beyond, raccoon PICTURES GmbH, remesalt, soup archive, the female company