birth date: 1998

168 cm



new face


german (native), english

book JONA via

what are you really good at?

i have a lot of theatre and acting experience and i also do drag - trashy queer drag

what do you do besides modelling?

i am an apprentice in a gay bookstore, a freelance actor on the side and i do drag for fun, self expression and tips

who are your lgbtqia+ role models?

lili elbe, marsha p johnson, sylvia riviera, gottmik, and the rocky horror show basically changed my life

what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

breakfast, and depending on where i slept - my flatmates, family or my lover(s)

anything else you want people to know?

i came a long way, i grew, i settled, i am strong and confident, but i still feel insecure from time to time and need verbal and physical approval from the folks i am surrounded by. no shame

photo: ezekiel galan
photo: ezekiel galan
photo: ezekiel galan