birth date: 1999

165 cm





english (native), german, french

book PUCK via

photo: aidan rolls

what are you really good at?

i make really pretty ravioli and hand-poke tattoos. almost all my tats are self done

what do you do besides modelling?

i make films with friends and perform in queer and post-pornography. i make tattoos in a lesbian run studio. i like to cook and eat with a loved one.

who are your lgbtqia+ role models?

alok v. menon, marsha p. johnson, audrey lorde and freckle

what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

my hungry cat and my craving for an elaborate and ambitious breakfast

photo: aidan rolls
photo: katja m. müller
photo: oliver von essen
photo: oliver von essen
photo: oliver von essen