panel talk: beyond. gendered fashion
Apr 2021, H&Mbeyond

panel talk: beyond. gendered fashion
will the future be

together with H&Mbeyond, we explored gender identity and expression in a fashion context and what this means for the future of diversity and inclusivity in an apparel market with a value of 1.3 trillion euros.


Alfie Speed (he/him), country visual merchandiser, H&M de & nl
Anita Heiberg (she/her), pattern & production manager, ZyseMe
Felipe Asan Escobar (he/him), fashion designer
Loïc Gros (he/him), fashion designer
Phenix K. (she/her), lgbtqia+ activist
Saphira Siegmund (they / them), model, host of rbb "safespace" and activist

moderated by Cora Hamilton (they/them) and Max Weiland (they/he), founders of uns*


H&Mbeyond is an innovation concept of H&M group to go beyond the conventional to create new standards in fashion retail. H&Mbeyond creates a link between H&M and everybody who wants to make a change.

"the young entrepreneurs Max & Cora are full of energy and courage, this accelerates their progressive vision as an LGBTQIA+ talent agency. Working with them empowers to challenge perspectives, they know how to create a framework based on trust and joy. Looking ahead we know, that uns* will make a change in the fashion and media landscape - sharing the same believes, we are excited to be a part of this journey."
-  H&Mbeyond,


we represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, intersex, asexual models and creatives.

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