photo: sophia emmerich
Pride 2022
Jun 2022, sophia emmerich

today marks the beginning of pride month, and while we take a deep breath in and prepare to see what brands think pride should be, let us remember what it is. community, solidarity, celebration, and the result of years of work, struggle and sacrifice from the most marginalised members of our communities.

pause, and imagine a world where we thrive. a world where our perspective is revered and included in every conversation. a world where we have a seat at every table, and we tell our own stories on our own terms. we don’t fear the stares, we don’t hear about our friends getting attacked and our communities being targeted. We don’t hesitate to state our pronouns, our heart doesn’t bang in our chests when we ask for respect of our basic identities. We are at peace and we are shining.

a world like this may seem like a far-fetched dream, but every day we caringly create and maintain our own micro-utopias, our community eco-systems of support where we treasure each other as if we were born from the same person.

these photographs were made by a fully lgbtqia+ team and everyone on set had a taste of this vision. as an agency, we take an intersectional people-first approach always, and here we see the magic that happens when a group of queer people create something that is by them, and for them.

the key to liberation doesn’t lie amongst rainbows and flags, it sits in the hand of every person who has a privilege that another does not, and it is our duty to take this key and unlock every door until the wind of change blows freely through.


uns* models:
​BRIANNA, they/she
​EVE, she/they
JOSEPHINE, she/they
​THESIS, any pronouns

former uns* model:

​MELON, she/they

​photography by Sophia Emmerich, she/they
art direction by CORA, they/them and Sophia Emmerich
photo assistance by Sam Arndt, he/him
​set design by Carolina Restrepo, she/her
​styling by Christo Nakos, he/him
​styling assistance by Nida, she/her
​hair and makeup by Cristoni Florido Acosta, any pronouns


photo: sophia emmerich
photo: sophia emmerich
photo: sophia emmerich
photo: sophia emmerich
photo: sophia emmerich
photo: sophia emmerich
photo: sophia emmerich


we represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, intersex, asexual models and creatives.

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