birth date: 1995

183 cm




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what are you really good at?

in every situation i will find something to be thankful for and i am also really good at spreading splashes of paint everywhere

what do you do besides modelling?

i am on my way to become a couples therapist for the queer and polyamorous community. my mission is to support humans who want to live and love beyond the heteronormativity. besides that, i am a passionate painter and if i do not paint on canvas, i paint on coffee as a barista :-)

who are your lgbtqia+ role models?

every person who fights for our rights is a role model for me. who inspires me and feel connected to is Andy Warhol. he was such a talented shy introvert who was and will ever be a mystery. tried so hard to fit in, but was born to stand out

what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

my full bladder

anything else you want people to know?

i have a big open heart and i am also super curious, so on sets you will find me somewhere around listening to strangers break up stories <3