birth date: 1981

163 cm




spanish (native), english

book LINA via

photo: roman goebel
photo: sarah piantadosi

what are you really good at?

acting, public speaking and moderating

what do you do besides modelling?

i’m a performer, film director and sex educator

who are your lgbtqia+ role models?

i don’t have any particular role models. if any, my friends and loved ones, people that truly motivate me, inspire me, and show me other facets of life as it is. i feel i learn a lot more from sharing moments with close people, rather than admiring others from afar

what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

the exciting possibilities and chances of moving forward with my work and passions. every day brings a new opportunity!

anything else you want people to know?

sticking to the same old narrow eurocentric beauty standards is boring. opening spaces for more diversity is a very doable, liberating thing. deprogramming our ideas on what bodies are beautiful or not is an effort we all should make

photo: sonny bartley for playful magazine
photo: sonny bartley for playful magazine
photo: chris nutt
photo: chris nutt
photo: chris nutt
photo: romy alizee
photo: chris nutt
photo: roger rossell
photo: romy alizee