birth date: 1994

192 cm



german (native), english (fluent), spanish (C1), french (B2)

book ROBYN via

photo: Jetmir Idrizi
photo: Ana Torres

what are you really good at?

i am a dancer and performer - oftentimes a pole dancer - i love rollerskating, i am a language geek, hobby illustrator/designer and i am surprisingly good at cooking without a recipe

what do you do besides modelling?

i am trying to create a life that i love for myself, using the skills that i have as a performer & pole instructor with a masters in sociology and a bachelor in international marketing to have an impact and spread queer joy!

who are your lgbtqia+ role models?

Alok Vaid-Menon was/is a huge inspiration for me in becoming myself. i am continuously inspired and fascinated by their activism and the way they speak about issues of our society and with how much love and compassion they do so. moreover, a lot of the role models i see for myself are part of the Berlin scene of queer performers and creatives that really do the work of uplifting each other, speaking up and are activists through art!

what makes you get out of bed in the morning?

knowing that i can create, a good breakfast, sunshine, my friends & chosen family

photo: Jetmir Idrizi
photo: Frank Schröder
photo: Frank Schröder
photo: Frank Schröder
photo: Tom Eyza
photo: Ronny Heine
photo: RAF AND WAY
photo: Matt Lambert
photo: Matt Lambert
photo: Matt Lambert