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uns* offers a variety of services such as

  • concept creation and campaign consultation
  • conceptualisation and/or production of campaigns
  • photographers, videographers, hair, make up artists and stylists
  • content creation
  • advisory & consultancy 

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our recent projects.
uns* x Majin Scouting: Amy for About You
Apr 2024, About You

Majin Scouting model AMY (she/her) for About You's 10 year anniversary campaign, talent placement via uns*

uns* models for Zalando Trans Day of Visibility
Mar 2024, Zalando

uns* models AGOSTO (he/they), BRIANNA (they/she), DELTA (he/they) and LUANDA (she/her) for Zalando's Trans Day of Visibility feature

FABRICE for Tom Tailor
Mar 2024, Tom Tailor

uns* model FABRICE (she/her) for Tom Tailor's campain "it all fits"

DELTA for Puma
Feb 2024, Puma

uns* model DELTA (he/they) together with girlfriend Rebecca (she/her) for Puma's Valentine's campaign.

GINA for editorial "Dior Micro Huile"
Jan 2024, Caroline Fayette

uns* model GINA (any pronouns) featuring in the editorial "Dior Micro Huile" by photogapher Caroline Fayette

WIEBKE for FITBOOK Alltagsathleten
Dec 2023, FITBOOK

a FITBOOK documentary following uns* model and professional basketball player WIEBKE (she/her) in her daily life

GINA for Melisa Minca x Stella Graber
Dec 2023, Melisa Minca

uns* model GINA (any pronouns) for Melisa Minca x Stella Graber

MONA for H&M Mitte Garten
Dec 2023, H&M Mitte Garten

uns* model MONA (she/her) for H&M Mitte Garten's holiday campaign

FABRICE for Lidl
Nov 2023, Lidl

uns* model FABRICE (she/her) for Lidl's Christmas campaign "Magische Weihnachten"

DELTA for Clockhouse
Nov 2023, Clockhouse

uns* model DELTA (he/they) for Clockhouse

LUANDA for High Snobiety x Samsung Galaxy
Sep 2023, High Snobiety x Samsung

uns* model and content creator LUANDA (she/her) for High Snobiety x Samsung Galaxy

consultancy for NYX's Game Changers
Sep 2023, NYX Professional Makeup

uns* founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland worked with the production team at Vice Media to provide consultancy for NYX's documentary series "Game Changers"

ESÉ for Google Pixel x Bundesliga
Sep 2023, Google Pixel

uns* talent ESÉ (she/her) for  Google Pixel 2023 Bundesliga Kickoff

BEA for Levi's x Zalando
Sep 2023, Levi's

uns* model BEA (she/her) for Levi's x Zalando

uns* casting for adidas x INTERSPORT
Sep 2023, intersport

uns* casting for adidas x INTERSPORT 

CHRISTOPHER & JIAN for Container Love Magazine
Aug 2023, Container Love

uns* models CHRISTOPHER (they/them) and JIAN (he/they) for Kemara Pol's editorial "Garden of Eden", published in the first edition of the Container Love Magazine.

friend of uns* alkfaen for Urban Outfitters
Jul 2023, Urban Outfitters

tattooer and illustrator alkfaen (they/them) for Urban Outfitters

SAHRA for Zalando Running Hub
Jul 2023, Zalando

uns* model SAHRA (she/her) for Zalando Running Hub

LEOS for Luise Zücker x Kleiderei
Jul 2023, Luise Zücker

uns* model LEOS (he/him) for the collaboration between jewelry artist Luise Zücker and Kleiderei.

Berlin Fashion Week AW24
Jul 2023, Berlin Fashion Week

in our most successful fashion week so far, 13 uns* models walked in 10 runway shows during Berlin Fashion Week July 2023

SARAH for Aldi
Jul 2023, Aldi

uns* model SARAH (she/her) for the summer campaign of Aldi

LEOS & PAULA for Remesalt
Jul 2023, Remesalt

uns* model LEOS (he/him) and PAULA (she/her) for Remesalt

PRUDENCE for Look at You featured in KALTBLUT Magazine
Jul 2023, Look At You Mirrors

uns* model PRUDENCE (she/her) in Spring Thaw for Look At You Mirrors, a KALTBLUT exclusive

Other Nature x uns*
Jun 2023, other nature

uns* production for Other Nature featuring uns* models PRUDENCE (she/her), SAPHIRA (they/them) and YVES (any pronouns), shot by uns* photographer LETU (they/he)

FABRICE for popeia "the 24/7 top"
Jun 2023, popeia

uns* model FABRICE (she/her) for popeia's latest campaign "the 24/7 top"

uns* models for Julia Deml
Jun 2023, Julia Deml

uns* models ALLY (she/they), ESÉ (she/her) and VIO (they/them) for Julia Deml's BA collection BLISS

FAITH for C&A Pride 23
Jun 2023, C&A

uns* model FAITH (she/they) for C&A's Pride campaign 2023, together with friend and ally Thomas (he/him)

LAFFY for Enfnts Terribles editorial

uns* model LAFFY (they/he/she) for the Enfnts Terribles editorial "Berlin class of 2023"

ANTOINETTE for Majin Magazine
May 2023, Majin Magazine

uns* model ANTOINETTE (they/them) was featured in the first edition of Majin Magazine

BRIANNA & LAFFY for Kleinanzeigen
May 2023, Kleinanzeigen

uns* models BRIANNA (she/they) and LAFFY (they/he/she) for Kleinanzeigen

AMOR & MAX for Emma Rytoft
May 2023, Emma Rytoft

uns* models AMOR (they/them) and MAX (they/he) for artist Emma Rytoft

MAYA for Ed Sheeran's music video "Curtains"
May 2023, Ed Sheeran

uns* model MAYA (they/them) featuring in Ed Sheeran's music video for "Curtains"

JARROD x adidas via IZAIO
May 2023, adidas

JARROD (they/he) for adidas' member week via uns* partner IZAIO Management

ASIA & WIEBKE for Zalando's Walk a Mile
May 2023, Zalando

uns* models ASIA (she/her)and WIEBKE (she/her) as part of Zalando's Walk a Mile, an inclusive footwear campaign.

LAFFY for erlich
Apr 2023, erlich textil

uns* model LAFFY (they/he/she) for erlich's campaign "undyed"

JARROD x Zalando Genderless via IZAIO
Apr 2023, Zalando

JARROD (he/they) for Zalando Genderless via uns* partner IZAIO

IRO for Tush Magazine
Apr 2023, Tush Magazine

uns* model IRO (they/them) for Tush Magazine

LAFAYETTE VALENTINE for georgia's music video "it's euphoric"
Mar 2023, Riff Raff Films

uns* model LAFAYETTE VALENTINE (they/them) featuring in georgia's music video "it's euphoric"


STEFAN for Beautiful Struggles x Bundesliga
Mar 2023, Beautiful Struggles x Bundesliga

uns* model STEFAN (he/they/she) for Beautiful Struggles x Bundesliga's collaborative campaign 

SASKIA for Givn
Mar 2023, Givn

uns* model SASKIA (she/her) for Givn's Urban Bloom collection

DORNIKA for Diesel SS23
Mar 2023, Diesel

uns* model DORNIKA (she/they) for Diesel's SS23 campaign

uns* models for AMD graduate show
Feb 2023, AMD Akademie Mode & Design

uns* models ESÉ (she/her), FAITH (she/they), JIAN (he/they), MAGDO (they/them), MAMADAMA (she/they) for AMD's graduate fashion show

MAYA for KWK by Kay Kwok, London Fashion Week Feb 23
Feb 2023, Kay Kwok

uns* model MAYA (they/them) for KWK by Kay Kwok, London Fashion Week Feb 23

ASIA for "Be The Duck"
Feb 2023, Daniel Roché

uns* model ASIA (she/her) for photographer Daniel Roché's editorial "Be The Duck"

Feb 2023, BVG

uns* model PAULA (she/her) for BVG's commercial "du warst noch niemals..."

for popeia. photo: sophia emmerich
FABRICE for popeia
Feb 2023, popeia

"comfy is the new sexy" - uns* model FABRICE (she/her) for the launch of popeia's new and first underwear collection.

uns* models & creatives for inne
Jan 2023, inne

uns* models FABRICE, LINA and VIO, uns* stylist ANTONIO & uns* hair and makeup artist LAU for inne

uns* talent for b.a.r.e runway show
Jan 2023, b.a.r.e

uns* models ALVANDI (he/they) and PAULA (she/her)for b.a.r.e's AW23 collection "Unisex". photography and art direction by uns* photographer CORA (they/them)

photo: I heart Berlin
DIVERSE IT! Berlin Fashion Week Jan 23
Jan 2023, PLATTE.Berlin

PLATTE.Berlin invited five designers to collaborate with five models, to create unique, diverse and need-orientated looks. the results were presented in a film and a runway show during Berlin Fashion Week. in partnership with uns*

for BFW Haderlump
JARROD for Haderlump, Berlin Fashion Week Jan 23
Jan 2023, Haderlump

uns* model JARROD (he/they) for Haderlump's runway show during Berlin Fashion Week, Jan 2023

for BFW Namilia. photos: Andreas Rentz
EVE & LAFFY for Namilia, Berlin Fashion Week Jan 23
Jan 2023, Namilia

uns* models EVE (she/they) and LAFFY (they/he/she) for Namilia during Berlin Fashion Week, Jan 2023

photo: Britta Leuermann
uns* founders at 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit
Jan 2023, 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit

uns* co-founders Cora Hamilton (they/them) and Max Weiland (they/he) were invited to speak together with PLATTE.Berlin co-founder Sevil Uguz (she/her) and diversity representative Axel Hahn (they/them) about intersectional feminist leadership. moderated by Fatima Njoya (she/her)

29 - stories music video
EVE featuring in 29 - stories music video
Dec 2022, Bernardo Avilés-Busch

uns* model EVE (she/they) for 29's music video  "stories"

for soji solarin. photo: nti
JARROD for Soji Solarin
Nov 2022, Soji Solarin

uns* talent JARROD (he/they) was featured in soji solarin's fashion film

FABRICE for Google Pixel 7
Nov 2022, bonaparte films

uns* talent FABRICE (she/her) for Google Pixel 7, produced by Bonaparte Films

ASIA & PRUDENCE for Beyond Fashion
Nov 2022, Vice Media

uns* talent PRUDENCE (she/her) and ASIA (she/her) featuring in the ARD commissioned series Beyond Fashion, hosted by Avi Jakobs (she/they), produced by Vice Media

for watergate.
PAULA & VIO for Watergate
Nov 2022, watergate

uns* models PAULA (she/her) and VIO (they/them) featuring in Watergate's anniversary collection

2 years of uns*
Nov 2022, uns* talent agency

 2 years ago we set out to carve a dedicated space in the fashion and media industries for LGBTQIA+ models and creatives. as the first agency of its kind in Germany, and one of the first in the world, there was no blueprint to follow. there have been many questions, but one thing has always been clear; marginalised people are endlessly resourceful, and when connected by a common goal of a truly inclusive industry, the outcome is exceptional.

for autre magazine. photo: nti
PUCK for Autre Magazine
Oct 2022, autre magazine

PUCK (they/she/he) featuring in the fall/winter issue of Autre Magazine

DEIDRE for We-Vibe
Oct 2022, wevibe

uns* talent DEIDRE (they/she) featuring in We-Vibe's We Control Adventure campaign

MAYA for American Express
Oct 2022, American Express

uns* model MAYA (they/them) for  American Express campaign "Amex Gold Membership Rewards"

DEIDRE & IRO for Alma music video
Sep 2022, Sony

uns* talent DEIDRE and IRO featured as extras in the music video for Alma's new music video, Summer Really Hurt Us

photo: roland justynowicz
uns* founders at 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit Sept 22
Sep 2022, 202030 berlin fashion summit

as part of Berlin Fashion Week 2022, uns* founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland were invited to present uns* at 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit.

LAFFY for Rebuy
Aug 2022, ReBuy

uns* model LAFFY (they/he/she) for Rebuy.

uns* talent for Special Interest ft. Mykki Blanco music video
Aug 2022, Special Interest & Mykki Blanko

uns* talent ANTOINETTE, JOTA and PUCK starred as the Midnight Legends in Special Interest & Mykki Blanco's music video

uns* talent for EDEN music video
Jun 2022, EDEN

uns* talent ANGEL, LAFFY & VIOSS were part of Eden's new music video "Modern Warfare"

uns* talent for Mercedes Benz Spec
Jun 2022, Simon&Paul

uns* talent BRIANNA, JARROD and JENNER for "my body. my ride", a spec commercial for Mercedes Benz. conceptualised and directed by Klaus Kneist, produced by Simon & Paul

Jun 2022, BVG

uns* model JOE (they/them) for BVG's commercial "neu entdeckt"

for womanizer PRIDE
uns* talent for Womanizer Pride
Jun 2022, womanizer

uns* talent BRIANNA (she/they), PUCK (she/they/he) and MAX (they/he) for Womanizer's Pride campaign 2022

for Dr. Barbara Sturm. photo: Stephanie Bonnefoy
ESÉ for Dr. Barbara Sturm
Jun 2022, Dr. Barbara Sturm

uns* model ESÉ (she/her) for Dr. Barbara Sturm. shot by Stephanie Bonnefoy (she/her) in Blender Studio, Berlin

genderfree fashion workshop with H&M
Jun 2022, H&M

together with H&M and Beyond uns* founders facilitated a workshop/focus group discussing the possibilities of genderfree fashion within H&M

photo: sophia emmerich
Pride 2022
Jun 2022, sophia emmerich

today marks the beginning of pride month, and while we take a deep breath in and prepare to see what brands think pride should be, let us remember what it is.

in collaboration with photographer Sophia Emmerich, uns* created an editorial shoot with an lgbtqia+ team to celebrate the magic of lgbtqia+ joy and creativity.

PRUDENCE for Peek & Cloppenburg in NYLON Magazine
Jun 2022, NYLON

uns* model PRUDENCE (she/her) for Peek & Cloppenburg's campaign "Pride ist wo du bist", featured in NYLON magazine



RAE/MEE-JIN for New Era
May 2022, New Era Middle East

uns* model RAE/MEE-JIN (she/they) for New Era

photo: Antoinette N’Sow
ESÉ & YVES for Antoinette at Blender
Apr 2023, Antoinette Ndiaye Sow

uns* models ESÉ (she/her) and YVES (any pronouns) for artist Antoinette N’Sow

for fayrganic. photo: jonas friedrich
MAMADAMA & MAX for fayrganic apparel
Mar 2022, fayrganic

uns* models MAMADAMA (they/she) and MAX (they/he) for fayrganic apparel's crowdsourcing campaign

uns* talent for Anderswelt
Feb 2022, Anderswelt

uns* talent CÉCILE (she/they), LAFFY (they/he) and RAE / MEE-JIN (she/they) starring in Andreas Hoffmann's trailer of Anderswelt





TAKAII Talks 2: Inclusivity
Feb 2022, TAKAII

uns* founders Cora Hamilton and Max Weiland spoke to TAKAII founder Thakane Bazill about inclusivity in the fashion and modelling industry

for FORMEL Skin. photo: stephanie bonnefoy
Feb 2022, FORMEL Skin

uns* model LAFFY (they/he/she) for FORMEL Skin.

photographed by Stephanie Bonnefoy at Blender Studio

photo: cora hamilton
jnnrhndrxx music video, LICK IT
Jan 2022, Jnnrhndrxx

uns* produced German rap newcomer jnnrhndrxx's second music video LICK IT, a song about queer desire and love

uns* photographers at Blender Studio
Dec 2021, Blender Studio

uns* is happy to be part of the exhibition ZUSAMMEN/ARBEITER:INNEN, organised by Blender Studio. uns* photographers CORA, DAREOS, JJ, MONA and RAE TILLY / MEE-JIN will each present one work. the exhibition will be on view on 4th and 5th December 2021

BRIANNA for Rewe
Dec 2021, Rewe

uns* model BRIANNA (she/they) for Rewe

for dr. barbara sturm. photo: stefanie bonnefoy
LAU for Dr. Barbara Sturm
Sep 2021, Stephanie Bonnefoy

uns* hair & makeup artist LAU (they/them) created these stunning natural looks for Dr Barbara Sturm's new collection, Sturm Inside

MAMADAMA & LAFFY for A-Gain Guide
Sep 2021, A-Gain Guide

uns* models MAMADAMA (they/she) & LAFFY (they/he/she) for A-Gain Guide

Sep 2021, Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik

uns* models LAFFY (they/he/she)& MAX (they/he) for the BSI campaign 'einfach aBSIchern'

PASS IT ON: navigating the modeling world with uns*
Aug 2021, YEOJA

in partnership with our friends at YEOJA MAGAZINE, we hosted a workshop for aspiring models

for adobe. photo: sophia emmerich.
Adobe Pride by Sophia Emmerich
Jul 2021, sophia emmerich

for Pride 2021, we cast 6 models in a video for Adobe Pride by photographer Sophia Emmerich (she/they)

Adobe Live
Jun 2021, adobe

uns* founders joined photographer & friend Sophia Emmerich (she/they) on her Adobe Livestream to talk about uns* and how we navigate Pride month as individuals and as a company

for soup archive. photo: alexander norton
Soup Archive x uns*
May 2021, soup archive

uns* collaborated with Berlin/London based clothing and accesories brand Soup Archive to explore the relationship between physical material, identity and expression

MAYA for Domestika
Apr 2021, Domestika

uns* model MAYA (they/them) for Domestika

panel talk: beyond. gendered fashion
Apr 2021, H&Mbeyond

together with H&Mbeyond, we invited 6 panel guests to explore with us the concept of gender representation and fashion. uns* founders Cora and Max facilitated a discussion based on customer insights of H&M and the reality of fashion showing a way forward

photo: jj maurer for jyoti fairworks
JYOTI x uns*
Jan 2021, Jyoti Fairworks

JYOTI FAIRWORKS is a German-Indian fair fashion label that produces socially and ecologically sustainable fashion. we produced a campaign featuring their jewellery with uns* models shot by uns* photographer, JJ

photo: lisa arhelger for FiGURE.S
Figure.s x uns*
Dec 2020, Figure.s

Figure.s is a handcrafted lingerie brand for him, her and them. we created an intimate visual narrative to reflect Figure.s' principles and aesthetics

Undrowear x uns*
Nov 2020, undrowear

Undrowear is the first german underwear brand to specialize in catering for trans* & gender non-conforming bodies. together we created this campaign to celebrate the diversity of queer, trans* and non-binary bodies 

whether you are looking to create a small-scale campaign for an independent brand, or a large-scale multi-media campaign for an international corporation, we’ve got it covered.

when you book a campaign with uns*, we work with you and your vision to conceptualize, organise, and produce a ready-to-go campaign while employing the services of our vast pool of professional talent and networks from all intersections of the lgbtqia+ community. pick and choose which services you want and with the option to receive consultancy from uns* founders, together we will find the perfect way to tell your brand’s story so that it appeals to your audience and benefits your brand and your business to the fullest potential.

people want to see themselves in campaigns. they want to see people who look like them, live like them, and feel like them. when your campaign mirrors the appearance, experiences, and values of your audience, it creates an intimate bond between you and your customer. this way, you show them that you see them, you hear them, and you appreciate them. trust and loyalty are built from diverse and inclusive representation.



we represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer, intersex, asexual models and creatives.

book talent that match your brands values